Top tips for a day at the beach

Top tips for a day at the beach

Hello summer!

My kids have just one day left of school, then it is time to relax. For our family, “relax” is just another word for “beach”!

A beach trip is a great way to spend time together with the whole family while on vacation or, if you live in LA like us, just getting some UV rays at your local spot. If you’re planning to pack up the little ones and head out to the sand, being prepared always helps make beach time less stressful and more fun!

Here are some of our best beach gear recommendations and tips to help you and your littles enjoy the beach this summer:

Sun Protection (sounds obvious, but there’s more to it than sunscreen) 

  • Sunscreen - While we all need extra protection from the sun, babies’ skin produces less melanin, a skin protective pigment, so they are particularly vulnerable to its harsh rays. Hamilton Babies sunscreen was developed by a pediatrician with sensitive skin in mind. It’s so gentle in fact, it can double as mama’s everyday SPF too (without smudging or masking your makeup), and the bottle is just the right size to toss into your diaper bag or purse. 
  • Sun hat - For babies that are too young for sunscreen (and for older ones too), a wide brim sun hat is a great option to protect their tiny ears and cheeks , while keeping them cool during the day. Flexible hats are a bonus making them easy to pack. Also, opt for waterproof options that allow you to enjoy the sun whether you’re at the playground, or the pool . There are many choices, but we love Green Sprout’s hats with the flap for extra neck coverage.
  • Rash guard and swimming suits - These items can be expensive and are often only worn a handful of times. Skip the purchase and rent the Swim Pack capsule from Rent-a-Romper instead for just $9 per month (if your summer season is only a couple months long, that’s 3-pieces for under $20)!  
  • Sunglasses - For those bright days, Smidgen’s eco-friendly baby sunglasses not only make for the cutest photos, but they also provide 100% UVA and UVB protection and come in a wide range of colors. 

Safe place to play - The beach is a great choice for the entire family to enjoy, letting the little ones explore the outdoors and have space to move around. However, the ocean water, small shells and rocky shores can sometimes cause a headache for parents.

  • Create a designated space - Set up your beach chair, towel and beach umbrella in one specific spot that allows you to see your little ones playing and allows a secure place for your baby or toddler to play with their beach toys or take a nap. We love Sand Cloud’s beautiful x-large towels that make the perfect play, picnic, or sleep space at the beach.

Snacks and water - As a parent, we know our kid’s priorities… snacks! 

  • We like to choose hydrating, cooling foods like sliced watermelon, frozen yogurt tubes, and cucumber sticks. 
  • Make sure to pack your water bottle and cold drinks for your little ones.
  • Smidgen’s foldable snack cups are perfect for keeping sand out of your snacks—or your snacks out of the sand. Bonus is that these incredible cups are teething safe and can be washed in the top rack of the dishwasher!

Heading elsewhere for summer? This list of baby beach essentials can also make your next park visit, picnic or hike that much easier. We would love to see what you are up to with your kids this summer.

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