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What is a capsule?

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Rent-a-Romper's capsule wardrobes are a curated collection of essential everyday items for your baby or toddler, sizes Preemie to 5T.
Our capsules vary based on your style preferences and location, but typically include short or long-sleeve onesies, pants or shorts, dresses, skirts, pajamas, as well as one to two seasonal pieces. With our style quiz and swapping process, you are able to request the clothing you need for your child.

Our goal is to provide you with the core wardrobe you need for your child so you can spend time snuggling instead of shopping.

How does the membership work?

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We offer four different Capsule Memberships: Essentials - 7 items for $32/month, Essentials - 15 items for $47/month, Premium - 7 item for $49/month and Premium - 15 item for $72/month.

Once you have determined the membership you would like, you can complete additional selections and style preferences during checkout including size, gender, and delivery preferences.

We will curate and deliver your first capsule wardrobe.

When your child is ready for the next size or to exchange items for a new look, let us know with the Swap Form on your customer page.

When the new capsule arrives, put the old clothes into the pre-paid shipping bag and return them to us. 

Once you become a member you can keep your clothes as long as you like or exchange them as often as you need.  We know kids (out)grow fast!

How often will I get a new shipment?

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The capsule membership puts you in the driver's seat. With the monthly fee, you get access to 7 or 15 items which you can swap out when you need to. We do not ship a monthly box like other subscriptions, because kids don't grow on a regular schedule.

When they are really small, you might need to swap your items more frequently. And as they grow, you might want to keep the clothes a little bit longer. Once you have your capsule, you can keep the clothes as long as you need or swap them as often as you want. 

What happens if my child has an accident or we stain the clothes?

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We are parents. We get it. We do not charge you for accidents or spills.

Just send the clothing back when you swap and we will try our best to remove stains or repair the clothing. If we cannot repair it, we will retire the clothing.  

We are a community and encourage everyone to care for the clothing.

*On the rare occasion that over half of a capsule comes back ready to retire, we will charge you up to one-month subscription fee.

Do you have gift certificates?

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Yes. Rent-a-Romper is a great gift for new parents. Provide your family or friend with the gift of a subscription and they will have the clothes they need as their baby grows. You can gift a membership here.

Curating Your Capsule

How do you curate for me and my family?

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When you become a member, you will complete our style quiz that will help us curate for you. In this quiz, you can also specify any brand preferences or specific needs you may have. We carry over 300 brands, so we do our best to put together the perfect capsule just for you.

What brands can I expect in my capsule?

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We have over 300 brands in our inventory, which allows us to curate for different styles, climates, and occasions. As a company, we are building out wholesale relationships with some incredible brands including: Mightly, Oliver and Rain, Babysprouts Co, Clover Baby and Kids, Colored Organics, and Peasy.

As we build out these relationships and more, we are able to include high-quality brands for you at a continued low price. We love introducing you to new brands.

In our Just-the-Essentials and Complete Capsules you might receive brands such as: Gerber, Honest Co, Carter's, and Cat and Jack, H&M, and more.

In our Premium Essentials and Complete Capsules you might receive organic brands such as: Tea, Janie & Jack, Clover Baby and Kids, Oliver and Rain, Peasy, Burt's Bees, Primary, L'oved Baby, Kate Quinn, and more.

If you have brands you love, let us know. We would love to talk with them!

Shipping and Delivery

How long will it take to receive my first capsule?

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Once you place an order, the typical delivery window for your first capsule is 5-7 days. Once you are a customer, swaps are usually completed within 5-7 days.

How does the swapping process work with the membership?

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Shipping is included in your membership. Your capsule is shipped in a reusable bag or box and includes a prepaid shipping label. When you are ready to exchange your clothes and have received your swap, you can put the old clothes in the package and send it back to us. It’s that easy.

Swapping Items

How do I swap items when I'm ready?

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On your customer page, you can click on SWAP NOW to let us know that you are ready to swap. It should take you no more than 2 minutes to let us know how many items you need, the size, and any special requests you may have. Once we receive that form, we will curate your swap and you will be alerted when it is on the way.

Do I need to swap all 7 or 15 items each time?

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No. We know that kids grow at different rates. Sometimes a 12 month pajama from one brand is too tight, but from another brand they are swimming in. When you swap, you tell us how many items you are exchanging and you can keep the others.

The membership is like a library. You can always have 7 or 15 items out at a time. Which ones they are is up to you!

Quality and Care

How does Rent a Romper ensure the clothes are clean?

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When clothes are returned to us, we inspect each item to look for staining and to see if any items need to be retired. If we can repair the clothing, we will.

Then all of the clothing is washed using organic, fragrance free laundry detergent appropriate for sensitive skin.

Last, we steam the clothing to sanitize and prepare for another family.

What do you do with the clothes that are damaged or ready to retire?

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Rent-a-Romper is committed to extending the life of clothing and diverting waste from landfill. We work to remove stains, repair clothing, and extend the life as long as we can. We have partnerships with local charities to provide clothing for families in need and for clothing that is at the end of its life, we are working with companies to up-cycle the textile rather than send it to landfill.

Customer Rewards

How can I earn rewards points?

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Once you have an account with Rent-a-Romper, you can start earning points with each purchase, posting a review, or referring friends. View our Rewards Page to learn more.

How can I redeem my rewards toward an active subscription?

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You can view your reward point balance when you are logged in by clicking on the Earn Rewards tab on the left hand side of the website or visiting our Rewards Page.

From there, you can choose to redeem points by using one of the coupons available. Click to redeem the coupon of choice and copy the coupon code generated for you.

To redeem this code for an active subscription, visit your customer profile page and click on Manage Subscriptions, then Edit your active subscription. On the bottom left you will be able to enter a discount code and redeem the coupon toward your next charge.

Of course if you have any questions, please reach out to us at support@rentaromper.com.

Clothing Donation

What types of clothing do you accept?

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We will accept all baby or children's clothing up to age 12. We are not able to accept hats, socks or underwear at this time. We are currently only able to accept clothing from within the U.S.

How do clothing donation credits work?

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When we receive your clean out kit, we will email you a credit for Rent a Romper. You can redeem that credit toward a membership, a one-time rental or purchase, or share your credit with a friend. 

Where can I get a prepaid shipping label and clean out kit?

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If you are ready to offload your child’s clothing, fill out our closet clean out form with your address details and we will email you a shipping label. You can read our tips in the Closet Clean Out Guide.

What happens to damaged or stained clothing that cannot be rented?

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All of the items received will be reviewed for quality and condition. Those that can will be included in our shared closet and live a new life for as long as we can. Clothing that cannot be added to our inventory, we give to local charitable organizations or our company partners for upcycling in order to divert the waste from landfill.

How do you clean and sanitize the clothes?

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When clothes are returned to us, we inspect each item to look for staining and to see if any items need to be retired. If we can repair the clothing, we will.

Then all of the clothing is washed using organic, fragrance free laundry detergent appropriate for sensitive skin.

Last, we steam the clothing to sanitize and prepare for another family.

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