The Future of Fashion Starts with Kids

The principle of Six Degrees of Separation really is a thing. Bold Swim Founder, Tiffany Asamoah interviewed Founder Lauren Gregor and found out they have mutual friends. 

Together they discuss why Lauren started Rent-a-Romper after seeing this problem in her own home. Juggling work and two growing boys, she was frustrated with the amount of waste in her home - clothing being the biggest culprit.

Rent-a-Romper is more than a curated shared closet. It's a time and lifesaver.
"We were looking for ways to make parents' lives easier while easing the negative effects that the fashion industry is having on our planet."

Not to bury the lead, but this blew Tiffany's mind. "We always talk about curated wardrobes, however; this is the first I have seen for the children. Not only is it the mom in me but I see this really being the change we need, starting them young and raised in sustainability." 

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