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Major outfit inspo for winter to spring transition

Spring is finally around the corner and that means for most of us, it’s starting to warm up.  This transitional time of year can make for some pretty unpredictable weather. Warm some days, cold others or even a mix of both on the same day. Windy, wet or bright—you never know what Mother Nature is going to bring.

To help you prepare for Spring, check out our top style tips for your little ones:

layering for spring

Tip #1: Layers are key: Layers are super helpful when it comes to in-between weather, but it’s helpful to know which layers to choose. Light, stretchy material makes it easy to add or remove clothing as needed. Think thin, long-sleeved shirts over tanks or tees. When you’re headed outdoors, simply add a cozy sweatshirt, sweater or jacket. If your little one still needs a bit of extra warmth, you can top everything off with a fleece vest or knit hat.  Layering also makes for a good opportunity to add cool textures or fun colors to the mix. Think denim jackets, flannels or chunky knits. 

neutral colors to layer

Tip #2: Utilize neutral solids: Black, shades of tan or brown, and even earthy colors like green, are great to use as an outfit base because they coordinate seamlessly and are very versatile. Neutrals can really elevate an outfit and they’re easy to dress up or keep casual. If your little one's style is more bold and bright, this tip still applies! Bright, rich colors still look super cute when paired with neutral and earthy tones. Or, play with neutrals paired with stripes or solids, prints and polka dots. The wardrobe possibilities are endless! 

layer straps over shirt

Tip #3: Mix and match: Using a natural base can also allow you to stretch your wardrobe via mix and matching. Try different combinations of tops and bottoms or layer a long-sleeved shirt under a strappy romper to get multiple looks out of one item, and extend styles beyond the season. 

soft fabrics kids

Tip #4: Choose comfort over style : Prioritizing comfort is probably the most important tip to remember for any season, especially when it comes to kids. As Movement Mama explains, our babies and toddlers are learning to move in their body, and certain cuts, styles and fabrics restrict natural movement and exploration. Also, it’s important to choose breathable fabrics that won’t cause your little to overheat (see our tip above on layering). Cotton or cotton blends, modal, jersey and bamboo are our top recommendations for breathable, movable fabrics.  As your baby grows, you’ll start to notice if they are drawn to, or develop preferences for certain fabrics.  And yes, they will let you know what they like and don’t like—which is always a great thing. 

If that all sounds like a lot of work, we hear you! Whether you choose our Essentials or Premium capsule, we’ll do all the thinking and send you spring ready looks that you and your little will love. 

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