Celebrating Valentine’s Day with little ones

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with little ones

Simple ideas for celebrating love on v-day (or any day)

Starting a Valentine’s Day tradition does not have to be a lot of work or cost a lot of money—small activities and traditions are just as meaningful. We asked our community to share the Valentine’s Day traditions they started in their homes and have compiled them here for you. 

And, if you don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, these activities are a perfect way to help your little one feel special any day! 

An expression of love

“I want my kids to know that I love them every day, but Valentine’s Day can be a day to show an extra expression of that love. Each year, I write them a small handwritten note to leave by their bed with a small candy - heart chocolate or lollipop—whatever is easy to grab that week. I started this when they were toddlers and with just those simple words, “I love you.”  Now, I share some of the specific things I love about them.” - Founder, Lauren Gregor @laurengregor

valentine's day card

Make time to co-create

I love doing activities with the kids and Valentine’s Day is perfect for an art activity. There are great ideas online such as this easy mess free painting activity. For my littlest one, a sensory bath or water play with red and pink bubbles, foam hearts or candy hearts always makes for a good time and a little extra special play.” - Alexandra @zandybearr

Share a sweet treat

“We always start the day with a little special breakfast treat. I always make do with something we already have at home. Cut strawberries into heart shapes, arrange apple slices like a heart, or I sometimes put a drop of red food coloring in cream cheese on their bagel or toast. A simple change for the start of the day is a great way to then start a conversation and share those special things that I love about them.” - Brooke


Want a super simple recipe? You don’t have to go to NYC to have this pretty cream cheese and jelly toast - maybe we will try this one next week. :)

Share your love day traditions on Instagram by tagging #rentarompercommunity, and know that your little ones appreciate and love you too - even if they aren’t making you noodle necklaces to share it yet!

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