2021 - A Year in Review

2021 - A Year in Review

As we head full speed toward the end of 2021, I wanted to take some time to say thank you. It is this community that keeps me going. You are incredible mothers, fathers, grandparents—all working to raise our little ones—and I know this year posed new challenges for us all when we were hoping for some sense of normalcy. 

This year, we expanded our community and with that comes greater strength and more love to share. Our Rent-a-Romper family stretches from Hawaii to Maine, Ohio to Mississippi and everywhere in between. We have seen gender reveals, cheered on first steps, and sympathized with first daycare drop-off goodbyes. While some moments this year seemed to drag on, when it comes to our kids, it all happens so fast. 

Together, we have made a massive impact towards making fashion more sustainable. Typically, it takes 2,700 liters (713 gallons) to make one new t-shirt, but at Rent-a-Romper we do things a little differently. By sharing the Rent-a-Romper   closet, we’ve extended the life of thousands of articles of clothing and have saved 1.8 million gallons of water this year. That’s enough water for 150 households for a month!

As a growing mom-owned and operated business, we have big plans for 2022 and we are so grateful for you being a part of our community.

What’s Coming Next

  • Building Our Community - We know that we are better together. 
  • Expanding Product Offerings - With the success of our  winter and costume rentals, we plan to add more one-time seasonal rentals, stock beloved new brands, and home our ability to curate looks you’ll love.  
  • Deepened commitment to sustainability - As we grow, we are learning and are striving to improve everyday. Part of this will be the launch of our reusable packaging and expanding our partnerships with children’s brands who align with our vision for sustainable production. 

All of this is because of you—and for you—if you have thoughts or feedback, please share it by emailing support@rentaromper.com.

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