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5 reasons why busy moms and dads are renting, instead of buying clothes

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1. Kids grow way too fast

Nothing’s worse than buying your little one an expensive pair of pants they grow out of after only 3 wears. With Rent a Romper, when your kid grows, swap out your box for the next size up.

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2. You stop wasting space storing outgrown clothes

Rent a box, get access to an endless wardrobe and finally get space back in your house because you don't need to store all the outgrown clothes.  You can even send your old clothes in and get credit back on your next month.

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3. You get access to 200+ adorable brands

We source from the best and cutest brands around like Burt's bees, colored organics, janie and jack, and many of your other favorites.

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4. It makes parenting easier

Whether you're a working or a busy stay at home parent we know by the end of the day, you're so tapped the last thing you want to do is shop, store, and sort all your kids clothes.

Rent a romper takes clothing your little one off your to do list. What would you do with an hour of me time?

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5. Renting saves mama earth 

Did you know each year 85% of textiles go to landfills...that's over 34 billion pounds of waste!  But with Rent a Romper you’re keeping clothes out of the landfills and in circulation with another caring family.

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Step 1:

Customize your box

Choose from an essentials or premium membership and add your little one’s age, gender, and number of items needed.

Step 2:

Grow in style

Dress your little in their mix-and-match wardrobe as long as you'd like. When you're ready to swap, switch one item or everything. It's up to you!

Step 3:

Swap anytime

When you're ready to swap, we'll send new looks right away. When they arrive, pack and return your previous looks using our pre-paid, reusable shipping kit. It’s that easy!


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How does the membership work? +

We offer four different Capsule Memberships: Essentials - 7 items for $32/month, Essentials - 15 items for $47/month, Premium - 7 item for $49/month and Premium - 15 item for $72/month.

Once you have determined the membership you would like, you can complete additional selections and style preferences during checkout including size, gender, and delivery preferences.

We will curate and deliver your first capsule wardrobe.

When your child is ready for the next size or to exchange items for a new look, let us know with the Swap Form on your customer page.

When the new capsule arrives, put the old clothes into the pre-paid shipping bag and return them to us. 

Once you become a member you can keep your clothes as long as you like or exchange them as often as you need.  We know kids (out)grow fast!

How do you curate for me? +

When you become a member, you will complete our style quiz that will help us curate for you. In this quiz, you can also specify any brand preferences or specific needs you may have. We carry over 200 brands, so we do our best to put together the perfect capsule just for you.

What happens if my child has an accident? +

We are parents. We get it. We do not charge you for accidents or spills.

Just send the clothing back when you swap and we will try our best to remove stains or repair the clothing. If we cannot repair it, we will retire the clothing.  

We are a community and encourage everyone to care for the clothing.

*On the rare occasion that over half of a capsule comes back ready to retire, we will charge you up to one-month subscription fee.

How do I swap items when I’m ready? +

On your customer page, you can click on SWAP NOW to let us know that you are ready to swap. It should take you no more than 2 minutes to let us know how many items you need, the size, and any special requests you may have. Once we receive that form, we will curate your swap and you will be alerted when it is on the way.

How does Rent a Romper ensure the clothes are clean? +

When clothes are returned to us, we inspect each item to look for staining and to see if any items need to be retired. If we can repair the clothing, we will.

Then all of the clothing is washed using organic, fragrance free laundry detergent appropriate for sensitive skin.

Last, we steam the clothing to sanitize and prepare for another family.

What’s the difference between the essentials and premium memberships? +

The main difference is the premium membership features premium and boutique brands that have higher quality materials, more style, and many but not exclusively organic clothing options.  

Some of our premium brands we carry include Janie and Jack, Mightly, Colored Organics, Quincy Mae, Riley and Crew, Goumi, Baby Sprouts, and Burt’s Bees.

The essentials membership features your favorite everyday brands like Carter’s, Old Navy, Zara, H&M, Cat and Jack to name a few.

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