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Why rental clothing for kids?

Why should I rent for my kids? They are so messy. They are so tough on their clothes.

We've heard it all. We've seen it all. And we've smelled it all. 

But, the reality is that kids grow fast. Really fast. By the time a baby turns 1, they have likely tripled their birth weight and grown through 5 sizes of clothing. So often our little ones are only wearing their clothing for days or weeks at a time.

At Rent-a-Romper, we believe that rental clothing for kids just makes sense. For them as they grow and for you as a parent. 

Our renting services include curated capsule memberships that you can swap anytime as your child grows. Our mom curators get to know you through your style quiz and pick 7 or 15 items just for you and your child. These new clothes arrive at your doorstep with a prepaid shipping label and bag to return the used items when you are done. 

We believe that clothing box subscriptions should not just be for adults; they actually make even more sense for our little ones who are flying through clothing like it's their job. 

Rent-a-Romper can help take shopping for clothing off of your plate and ensure you have all that you need as your child grows.  Need to rent a dress for your first birthday celebration? We've got you covered. Need a winter coat and snow pants for a weekend in the mountain? Check. Ready for summertime by the pool? Rent a swimsuit or three.

Our team of moms is here for you and all you need. So why rental clothing for kids?

Because it makes your life easier and helps our planet as well. 

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