Why Rent Your Baby's Clothes

Why Rent Your Baby's Clothes

When I had my first son, I had no idea what we were getting into.  I had a baby shower and family and friends bought us the cutest little boy outfits and newborn packs.  At the time, we didn’t know he was going to be born 9 lbs and never wear a single one of those newborn outfits. By the time we brought him home and began the daily rituals of diaper changes and baby massage, he was well into 0-3 months outfits. 

We were lucky to have a friend who had a baby boy just 5 months before us and were able to have hand-me-downs, but often I would find myself on my lunch break rushing out to Target or Old Navy and shopping online to keep up with how fast he grew.  I would bring home a few of the next size up and take a billion photos of how cute he was just to pull that same outfit out of the drawer the next day and not be able to zip it over his shoulders. 

I’m not sure why no one tells you about this before you have the baby.  But babies (and kids) grow.  They grow really fast.  I guess they do talk about this in baby books – about the sleep they will need and the increasing ounces of milk and food.  But we forgot to talk about the clothes. 

Knowing that kids grow so quickly – renting clothes for your baby or toddler seems like a much more sustainable option for everyone involved.  

After building this company, we are giving you a few reasons to help make the case for renting: 

  • It Saves You Time – As a new parent, you have enough on your plate.  Keeping up with shopping, searching for deals or sorting through bags of hand-me-downs is time that you could spend with your little one Or tackling one of the other 50 things you need to do while your baby is napping.
  • You Have What You Need without Leaving the House – The last thing we often want to do with young ones in the house (especially in a pandemic) is dragging the kids with us to the store.  Our rental capsule wardrobes get delivered right to your home with a prepaid return bag so you don’t have to spend that time out shopping.
  • It’s Good for the Planet – extending the life of one piece of clothing for nine months reduces the water, waste, and carbon footprint of that item by 30%. With Rent-a-Romper’s 3,000 items in circulation from family to family, you are making a choice to ensure the clothes your children wear are used for their full life.
  • You’re Part of a Community – It takes a village to raise kids and we are here for you.  These days with family and friends spread further apart, we can help you have the clothing items you need just when you need them. And when you are done, know that those items are being just as loved by another family.

We all know that kids grow quickly.  Let us help.

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