Is your child picky when it comes to clothes?

Is your child picky when it comes to clothes?

Here are our top tips to help nurture their budding sense of style.

From day one, your baby is developing their unique personality which includes their likes and dislikes. These preferences are what make them unique individuals after all.

But what happens when they start developing their own sense of style—and it doesn’t jive with yours? As teased in an earlier blog post and in our recent Instagram Live on “Style tips for transitioning from winter to spring,” your little one will be drawn to certain clothing. Some children (even babies and toddlers) will be drawn to bright colors and prints, while others may be drawn to the texture or softness of certain fabrics. And with this comes a whole new territory to explore with them.

We’re sharing some tips that can help your baby develop a sense of style as they grow, so they can express themselves creatively and with confidence. 

Observe and take note

As your little ones grow they will develop strong opinions and may become vocal about not liking a certain fabric, color, etc. Follow their lead and let it inform your buying decisions or keep it in mind when filling out your Rent-A-Romper swap form. And, when you rent with us, you won’t have to worry about your little one changing their mind. Simply request a swap and we’ll make sure you have a wardrobe they’ll approve of. 

Go shopping—together

When they do tag along with you to the store–or when you are shopping online–include your littles in the process. Even babies can point at images or grab towards clothing that catches their eye. Maybe something stands out to them that they want to try? 

Offer choices but keep them minimal

When you are about to take your little one out of the house, give them two choices on what to wear. Looking at a whole closet full of clothes can be a lot for a little one to process (not to mention us mamas). So letting them choose between option “A” or option “B” really allows them to make an empowered and conscious choice without feeling overwhelmed. Did I mention this tip also saves time and can prevent meltdowns? If you’re anything like me, it can take FOREVER to get out of the house!

Update wardrobes frequently

As the seasons or their style preferences change, swap out your little one’s wardrobe. Whether it’s choosing new layers, updating looks to match the weather or trying out new style vibes,  colors or textures —  swapping in or out a handful of items is a small-but-mighty change that can make dressing easier for you, and more fun for your little one. 

Have fun! 

Toddlers have some of the best ideas and often have a very insightful way of looking at the world around them and interpreting that information. This not only applies to everyday situations but is also relevant when it comes to clothing and style development.

Are there activities that your little one is drawn to? Music? Art? Sports? Let those influence their style! For example, my little one loves listening to classic rock with me and my husband—so vintage band tees and music-themed clothing is always a hit!

Want help? Take the Rent-A-Romper style quiz and let us know what your little one likes (or wants to try) and we’ll make it happen with our rental wardrobe subscriptions!

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